Tanya Acker

7/2/2020 at 3:20 PM to 3:45 PM

Event Description

Tanya Acker, star of the Emmy-nominated CBS show Hot Bench, offers ten comprehensive lessons to demystify courtroom proceedings, laying out all the professional insider information you need to survive in civil court.

Millions of people end up in civil court each year. They assume going to court is the next logical step in their fight, but they often have little idea about how the court system works or what they can reasonably expect of it. They make poorly informed judgments about whether court is the best option for solving a problem, what kind of solutions it can provide, and why it proceeds in the (sometimes) counterintuitive way it does.

They think “winning” is only about the judgment or verdict rendered by judge or jury. Those “wins” are great—but if you don’t know what the process can exact from you or why it works as it does, that blind procession to victory can end up costing you your real win.

In Make Your Case, Tanya Acker cuts straight to the essentials, providing curated, targeted advice based on her extensive experience regarding exactly what people want to know: what happens during court proceedings and why, and how to best prepare for it—or how to avoid court entirely and find a better way.

Be smart. Be ready. Make your case.