Nonie Darwish

2/21/2017 at 4:25 PM to 4:40 PM

Event Description

Would love to get Nonie Darwish on with Marc to discuss her harrowing conversion from Islam to Christianity and the TRUTH about what Islam preaches…despite what the mainstream media tells us.

Born and raised as a devout Muslim in Cairo and Gaza, and the daughter of an Islamic martyr, Nonie Darwish had Islamic values engrained into her from a very young age. She learned what every child of a devout Muslim was taught—nonbelievers must be wiped out, and Western civilization must be destroyed. Nonie Darwish recalls, “When I was growing up, we had to recite poetry pledging jihad against [infidels]. We would have tears in our eyes, pledging that we wanted to die.”

You and I both know, Phil, that Biblical values are not the same as Islamic values, but did you know Islam came six hundred years after Christianity as a rebellion against the Bible and to reverse Christianity’s impact on humanity??

As Nonie Darwish writes in her upcoming book Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values, it wasn’t until she immigrated to the United States and encountered Biblical values for the first time that Darwish realized just how different the teachings of the Bible and the Koran actually are. After learning the truth, she turned her back on Islam and converted to Christianity.


What the Bible teaches        vs.            What the Koran teaches


JESUS DIED FOR US                                    VS.               WE MUST DIE FOR ALLAH


LIFE IS SACRED                                VS.               DEATH IS WORSHIP


WE ARE ALL SINNERS                       VS.               THEY ARE ALL SINNERS


JUDGE THE SIN                                VS.               JUDGE THE SINNER



The Left uses political correctness and moral relativism as a means to bully into silence anyone who criticizes Islam and the threat Islamic beliefs have on Western civilization. Those who speak out against Islamic beliefs are labeled “racist” or “bigoted,” and people are sick of it. This is the same sentiment that got Donald Trump elected—Americans are fed up with being labeled “prejudiced” or “deplorable.” It’s time to embrace our Western values, which elevate all mankind.


Wholly Different releases February 21, 2017, and Nonie Darwish will be available then to discuss the impending Islamic threat to America, what devout Muslims really believe, and her own harrowing conversion from oppressive and violent Islam to Christianity—Let me know when we can schedule Nonie for a segment with Marc!